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Fluorine chemical industry: the main resources continue and industrial upgrading
Time:2015-6-18 12:43:39

Fluorine chemical industry is not only an important branch of new chemical materials industry, but also the important supporting materials for developing advanced manufacturing, environmental protection, new energy and other strategic emerging industries and upgrading traditional industries. "45" period, China's fluorine chemical industry to complete resource protection and connection and industrial transformation and upgrading of the two major tasks, the initial completion of the country of fluorine chemical industry.

As of the end of 2014, China's fluorine chemical production enterprises have nearly a thousand, the formation of the four major categories of fluoride chemical products, including the formation of the fluorine hydrocarbon, fluoride containing polymer, inorganic fluoride and fluoride fine chemicals. Four kinds of fluorine chemical products with a total capacity of nearly 5300000 tons / year, the entire industry output value of about 50000000000 yuan.

China's fluorine chemical industry in hydrofluoric acid, fluoride salt, HCFC, HFC, containing fluorine intermediates have reached or come close to the international advanced level, but in containing fluorine polymer, electronic chemicals containing fluorine, containing fluorine surfactant gap with international advanced level greatly. Among them, containing fluorine polymer product performance and the gap between the international advanced level, the export unit price of similar products is only half of the unit price of imports, high quality of containing fluorine polymer is completely dependent on imports; containing fluorine electronic chemicals and containing fluorine surfactant development is still in its initial stage, mainly rely on imports; PFOA alternative product development and application of technology has yet to achieve economies of scale and industrial production.

"45" will be our country fluorine chemical industry development key five years, the urgent need to meet the conditions and fluorine chemical industry characteristics of the policy guidance, so that China's fluorine chemical industry in the period of 45 complete protection of resources and the two major tasks of connection and industrial transformation and upgrading, initially built in the country of fluorine chemical industry.

In the protection and continuation of fluoride resources, the first to reverse the situation of excessive export of high quality fluoride. And strive to 2020 of fluorite in China exports to the basic stop, hydrogen fluoride and fluoride salt export volume in 2015 than fell sharply and exports of hydrogen fluoride and fluoride salts mainly in associated fluorine resources as raw materials; secondly, we should accelerate the development and utilization of low quality of fluorine resource the become an important connection resources. By 2020, about 20% of China's production of hydrogen fluoride and cryolite and fluoride salts from phosphate rock and low quality associated fluorine resource and electrolytic aluminum production in the recovery of fluorine resources; thirdly, to promote the integration of fluorite resources. Increased concentration of fluorite ore in, make the scarce resources to consciously safeguard the overall interests and long-term interests of the countries of the enterprises, from the source of fluorine chemical industrial chain to solve quality fluorine resource over exploitation and export. And it has made a breakthrough in the development of foreign fluorite resources in China.

In the industrial transformation and upgrading, the industrial structure adjustment. Normative integration based fluorine chemical, inhibition of fluorine chemical industry based blind development and excessive export, promote basic fluorine chemical industry integration; steady development of international mainstream fluorine chemical products, the 45 period in the development of a mainstream product of our country fluorine chemical industry; key breakthrough tip fluorine chemical products, as focus of the 45 period of national policy support.

Two is the trade structure adjustment. A basis to reduce the fluorine chemical products export; in reducing the loss of quality of fluorine resources at the same time, push the high international price of fluorine chemical products, formed the basis of fluorine chemical products in the international premium, making China become the basis of fluorine chemical products price depression, enhance China's mainstream fluorine chemical industry product cost competitiveness, increase the mainstream fluorine chemical products exports relying on raw materials; the price advantage and cost advantage, increase the international mainstream fluorine chemical products exports, the main force to become China's exports of fluorine chemical products; greatly improve our cutting-edge fluorine chemical products of domestic self-sufficiency rate, key breakthrough tip fluorine chemical products, make it become the "focus of thirteen five" national policies.

In addition to the completion of the two major tasks, "45" period in China but also the formation of conforms to the conditions and fluorine chemical industry characteristics of the policy system and management system. To formulate and promulgate the differentiated export policy, on the one hand quickly to contain the high fluorine resource exports, on the other hand, the export market pulling China's low quality of fluorine resource development and utilization; timely introduction of fluorite resource integration policy, promoting the optimal allocation of fluorite resources, support enterprises to control the fluorite resources outside the country; support the introduction of appropriate policies, support tip fluorine chemical products to achieve a breakthrough, accelerate the development of the mainstream of fluorine chemical products; encourage fluorine chemical enterprise merger and reorganization, improve the industry concentration.

Anyway, "45" will be China's fluorine chemical industry transformation and upgrading of the sprint stage, will be fully completed primary products upgrading to the transformation of the mainstream products. Can be expected, then part of the mainstream of fluorine chemical products production capacity will increase several times, not only meet the domestic demand, at the same time also will appear the phenomenon of high proportion of exports, preliminary to the built in China fluorine chemical industry power.