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Company training summary

Enterprises bigger, and stronger, do long to enterprise itself correct ideas and enterprise culture to achieve unity: unity = thinking mode, unified method = behavior patterns, unified action = landing mode. The so-called pattern, the change of the m



"The ten anniversary of the Fei Yuan chemical"of Employee basketball Awards

At 16:00 on the afternoon of April 29, 2015, my company departments a total of 5 basketball team was too 5 days of intense competition, each team member to honor cooperate with each other, struggle, to pay hard sweat, between teams from each other th



"The ten anniversary of the Fei Yuan chemical"of Employee basketball match

In order to enhance the staff's physical fitness, active worker and sports activities, to further improve the team spirit and cohesion, 2015, April 25, held "celebrate fly source chemical plant tenth anniversary of the" employee employee basketba



Company invites experts to carry out safety training

On January 18, 2015, the company invited security expert at the office building on the fourth floor conference room for the safety training for senior management personnel of the company, mainly combined with the actual situation, the solution of pla



2015 1 quarter fire safety drill

2015 January 16 at 10:30 in the morning, Gaoqing County Public Security Bureau, public security fire brigade, high town government, high town main leadership and safety responsible person, went to my company fire emergency drills to watch, leaf count



Client company and my company held a Basketball Association

In order to promote the communication and exchanges with customers, in November 9, 2014, Huaan Shandong New Material Co., Ltd. to our company and our team held a basketball match. Under the leadership of the company's support, attention, the vari



My company's internal staff basketball friendly

In order to enrich the company all staff's amateur cultural life, and enhance the team spirit among employees, the company on November 1, 2014 held an internal staff basketball game, under the leadership of the company's concern and support,



New large-scale sulphuric acid project

My company investment this year new large sulfuric acid project, begun in April 2014 civil, in July of large-scale production equipment start into the company installed, after nearly six months of efforts, the construction to the end of October, the



Problems in management and Prevention

One, the current domestic economic situation:The current domestic is after the economic transition shift period, the economic speed on suspended, stimulus digestion period, foam and a false prosperity of the mourning period, this year, and the next y



Shandong petrochemical "low carbon emission reduction head"

October 14th, "Shandong province 2014-2015 years of energy saving and emission reduction low-carbon development action plan" was officially released. Shandong Provincial Petroleum Association of chemical industry planning and development department d

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